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Ross Madison

Washington Redskins

Strong Safety

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Ross Madison has a good safety build. Ross Madison has good speed for a safety. Ross Madison has plenty of experience as a college safety. Ross Madison has cornerback closing burst.
Weakness: Ross Madison hasn't created many turnovers. Ross Madison didn't put up big tackle numbers in college.
Development: Ross Madison is an experienced safety with a history of very ordinary production. But Ross Madison does have the type of body, athleticism, and speed an NFL safety needs to have. He is physically gifted enough to play any position in the defensive backfield. For this reason Ross Madison is being given a chance to show what he can do in the NFL. To make the practice squad he'll have to show that he has the instincts to play defensive back in the NFL. If he can show enough to make the practice squad, it'll be up to him to study and work hard to transform his physical skills into better NFL production than what he had in college. The odds are heavily stacked against him.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't bother.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal athlete. Project player.

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