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Robert Thomas

Washington Redskins

Nose Tackle

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Robert Thomas is a broad defensive lineman. Robert Thomas is strong. Robert Thomas has experience playing defensive tackle and nose tackle. Robert Thomas has a reputation for hard work in practice and throughout games. Robert Thomas is football smart. Robert Thomas uses his long arms and big hands well.
Weakness: Robert Thomas is slow. Robert Thomas wasn't a regular college starter. Robert Thomas is coming off of a broken leg.
Development: Robert Thomas looked like a player suddenly rounding into form at the college level when an injury ended his season. He has a long way to go to develop the technique to play at the NFL level, if he is able to return to his previous athleticism. What he has done well at the college level is to out intensity his opponent throughout a game. This part of his game should carry over well to the NFL. He certainly is big enough to play the defensive line in the NFL, though he could afford to be a little more toned. If he's able to develop quickly and show something in preseason games he has a decent chance of grabbing a practice squad spot this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Decent at getting into the backfield, should he ever be a starter.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good size/athleticism but a tad slow; underdeveloped game; intelligent, hard-working project.

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