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Rashad Lawrence

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Rashad Lawrence has a lot of experience against top college competition. Rashad Lawrence is agile and quick. Rashad Lawrence has a solid build. Rashad Lawrence has good, large hands. Rashad Lawrence isn't afraid to go over the middle.
Weakness: Rashad Lawrence compiled mediocre statistics in college. Rashad Lawrence doesn't play to his workout speed. Rashad Lawrence hasn't excelled on special teams.
Development: Rashad Lawrence is a player who hasn't produced a lot in college for a variety of reasons. When you look at his workout numbers he certainly looks like he could be an effective NFL wide receiver. He runs decent routes and shows potential as a possession receiver, but he doesn't have much to show for it. If he continues to work hard on technique and on special teams, he could push his ceiling into the category of serviceable NFL receiver. The odds are stacked against him at this point, but the talent is there.
Fantasy Football Rating: Stay away.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Under-productive, solid athlete. Project.

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