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Courtney Bridget Jr.

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Courtney Bridget has ideal cornerback height. Courtney Bridget has experience at safety. Courtney Bridget has a quick first step. Courtney Bridget changes direction well.
Weakness: Courtney Bridget has below average cornerback speed. Courtney Bridget is not particularly strong for his size. Courtney Bridget has an injury history. Courtney Bridget hasn't created a lot of turnovers.
Development: Courtney Bridget is a player that brings the type of cornerback size every team would like to have, but that most teams don't have for a reason. Few players of his size are fast enough, agile enough, and quick enough to play cornerback. Courtney Bridget does show the necessary agility and quickness, but is a little speed deficient. More importantly, he is technique deficient. Playing against lesser competition most weeks he was able to dominate receivers to the point where few teams even challenged him. This may be why he didn't have a lot of big plays. To compete in the NFL with his speed deficiency he'll have to learn how to take full advantage of his height and skills. Mostly, he just needs to go out and practice and play at full speed regularly against NFL receivers. With such a deep roster at his position, his best chance is to make enough of an impression to get on the practice squad for the opportunity to practice against NFL receivers each week.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nothing to offer in the near future.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size but speed deficient. Dominated lesser college players, but is a long way from NFL ready.

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