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Cody Hoffman

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Cody Hoffman is an experienced wide receiver. Cody Hoffman has good size for a wide receiver. Cody Hoffman has a strong history of productivity. Cody Hoffman has experience as a returner. Cody Hoffman is a good route runner for his size. Cody Hoffman has good hands and overall coordination.
Weakness: Cody Hoffman is slow for a wide receiver. Cody Hoffman had a terrible Combine. Cody Hoffman is not particularly quick. Cody Hoffman is not a good blocker.
Development: Cody Hoffman is an experienced college receiver who was always productive. He went undrafted simply because he isn't fast and had a poor showing at the Combine. Though he is very experienced and at times dominated college defensive backs with his size and coordination going for the ball, he does have a lot of work to do to become more decisive and explosive in his routes. He also needs to show more eagerness and better technique as a blocker, which may help to explain why he wasn't developed as a tight end. Even if he puts in all of that work, there is some question as to whether he has the physical talent to make it at the NFL level. However, his college production should not be ignored. He'll have to go out and work really hard to show he has enough potential as a red-zone possession receiver just to justify a practice squad spot this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Cody Hoffman has potential as a red-zone threat.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body and coordination with speed deficiency. Experienced. Productive.

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