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Bryan Shepherd

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

North Dakota State

Strength: Bryan Shepherd has adequate speed for an NFL cornerback. Bryan Shepherd has above average quickness, burst, and agility. Bryan Shepherd is a good tackler in the defensive backfield. Bryan Shepherd is a willing, experience special teams player. Bryan Shepherd has a reputation for playing hard.
Weakness: Bryan Shepherd is quite small for a safety. Bryan Shepherd is a bit undersized as a cornerback. Bryan Shepherd wasn't even a regular college starter after his freshman year. Bryan Shepherd was not a big turnover creator in college. Bryan Shepherd doesn't have ideal leaping skills for an undersized defensive back.
Development: Bryan Shepherd is an example of a very good athlete with a try-hard reputation who is getting a chance to show whether he has NFL potential, despite the fact he didn't show all that much in college and he's undersized. He's willing to do whatever it takes to play whatever a team needs him to play. He isn't a developed cornerback who will be ready to play defense in 2014. He might be more ready as a safety, but his size doesn't lend itself for that position. His best chance to make the roster is to show himself to be a big-time special teams playmaker. His best shot to make the practice squad is to show that his athleticism makes him worth developing. If he gets a couple of years to develop and he works hard, he certainly has the physical skills to be an NFL defensive back. However, the odds are heavily stacked against him at this point.
Fantasy Football Rating: Bryan Shepherd is a good tackler, but hasn't shown a potential for much else.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Bryan Shepherd is an undersized, athletic project player.

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