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Spencer Long

Washington Redskins




Strength: Spencer Long is intelligent. Spencer Long has earned a reputation as a hard worker. Spencer Long has the necessary strength, athleticism, and size to play either guard or tackle at the NFL level. Spencer Long has shown potential as a center. Spencer Long plays with power, taking full advantage of powerful leg drive and big, strong hands. Spencer Long has significant playing experience against top college competition.
Weakness: Spencer Long's college career ended with his second serious knee injury in college. Spencer Long is taller than usual for a center. Spencer Long has very limited tackle experience. Spencer Long has had trouble being decisive in blitz situations.
Development: Spencer Long comes into the league as a relatively polished player. The biggest questions surrounding him are not his physical or mental skills, but his injury history. That he was already recovered enough from his latest injury to participate in some workouts is very impressive and helps to alleviate much of the injury concern. However, even without further injuries, there is still some concern about how long he'll be able to maintain his athleticism and quickness in the long run, given his past injuries. Though he is not a great athlete and he lacks ideal strength for a lineman, he is a good athlete and he does have good strength. More importantly, he gets the most out of his athleticism and strength on most plays. He does need to continue developing his technique and to make some adjustments for the size and speed of the competition in the NFL, particularly as a pass blocker. However, he should be able to step out onto the field at any point during his rookie season without embarrassing himself as a run blocker. His reputation and history say that he'll quickly develop as a player and get the most out of his potential sooner rather than later. If he stays healthy, Spencer Long should develop into a good all-around blocker in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Spencer Long is an immediate plus run blocker and should eventually develop into a solid pass blocker.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Spencer Long is an intelligent, tough, athletic, strong player with an injury history. If he stays healthy he should be a very good player in the NFL.

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