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Morgan Moses

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle



Strength: Morgan Moses has an ideal frame for an offensive tackle. Morgan Moses has a lot of starting experience at the college level. Morgan Moses uses his hands and long, strong arms to recover well when he's out of position or beaten to the edge. Morgan Moses has a reputation as a player who takes coaching well. Morgan Moses shows good all-around strength working in small spaces.
Weakness: Morgan Moses consistently stays too upright to maintain leverage and lateral quickness. Morgan Moses was not nearly as effective at right tackle as at left tackle in college. Morgan Moses appears to have some severe athletic limitations. Morgan Moses looks stiff when sinking into a crouch and when making leverage adjustments. Morgan Moses did not have a good showing at the NFL Combine.
Development: Morgan Moses has the size and strength to develop into an NFL caliber offensive lineman, but these physical gifts may be what allowed him to get away with too many technical flaws against college competition. Despite all of his experience as a starter, he is very raw as an NFL prospect. His athletic deficiencies will make it a lot harder for him to play well while he works things out. The primary work for him will be to learn how to position himself after the snap and how to continue to stay low to maintain leverage throughout his blocks. He has the size and arm length to be special some day as both a pass blocker and a limited-space run blocker, if he can master the details of his position. There are some questions, however, about whether Morgan Moses actually has the knee flexibility and core strength to maintain a leveraged blocking position consistently. Being the first lineman taken by a team that needs to upgrade its starting line, there will be a lot of pressure on him and opportunity for him to develop quickly. However, it seems unlikely he'll reach his potential in his first year. He needs to put in some time working on his core strength and flexibility, while not neglecting continual improvement of his blocking technique.
Fantasy Football Rating: Morgan Moses has the physical tools to dominate, but he is too raw to be consistent right away.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Morgan Moses has ideal size and length, but is a technique project. He could just as easily be a star as a bust, it's really up to him.

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