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Trent Murphy

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker



Strength: Trent Murphy is an accomplished pass rusher against top college competition. Trent Murphy has an ideal build for an outside linebacker. Trent Murphy consistently displays a unique flexibility to bend around blockers and stretch out or dive for tackles. Trent Murphy plays with strength. Trent Murphy has a reputation as a hard worker. Trent Murphy has a reputation as a smart player. Trent Murphy is a full-effort player. Trent Murphy has experience at multiple positions in the front seven. Trent Murphy plays tough. Trent Murphy adjusts quickly during plays. Trent Murphy surprises a lot of opponents with the effective use of his large hands for keeping blockers away from his body and making grasp tackles.
Weakness: Trent Murphy has less than ideal speed for the outside linebacker position. Trent Murphy displays very limited acceleration in man coverage situations. Trent Murphy has limited upper body mass for the defensive end position.
Development: Trent Murphy has some unique athletic skills and a high football intelligence that should allow him to be an immediate contributor as a pass rusher. With enough study he may be able to eventually overcome his athletic limitations to the point of not being a man-coverage liability. His strength to hold his position and his ability to bat down balls or dive at ball carriers' feet even when he doesn't beat blockers should create a lot problems for opponents. So early on he should be effective as a pass rusher from any spot on the field. Because the Redskins have a great deal of depth at the position, he should have the luxury of learning the other aspects of playing outside linebacker in the NFL while being given opportunities to succeed as a pass rusher from the start. His unique athletic attributes should also make him a significant contributor on special teams, if the team chooses to use him there. Though he'll never be known as a speed rusher or a quick edge guy, Trent Murphy has enough athleticism to eventually develop into an every-down, position-versatile player who disrupts the direction of plays. If he fills out his large build a little more, his attributes may eventually be best suited for play as a 4-3 defensive end. In the mean time he should be able to play anywhere in the front seven and make some very positive plays mixed in with a lot of plays where he is neutralized by faster, more experienced players.
Fantasy Football Rating: Trent Murphy should make a lot of plays in the backfield and at the line; has potential to create a lot of turnovers. He will make his teammates look better. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get some goal-line duty for the offense.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Trent Murphy is a big, speed-deficient, uniquely-skilled tackler who is rarely caught out of position. Trent Murphy is a ready-to-go pass rusher who should eventually be a plus run-stopper as well.

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