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Zach Hocker

Washington Redskins




Strength: Zach Hocker has a strong leg. Zach Hocker has been an accurate field goal kicker, even from 50+ yards.
Weakness: Zach Hocker is not a powerful tackler.
Development: Zach Hocker was somewhat of a strange pick for the Redskins, considering their current kicker has a reputation for accuracy. Zach Hocker does have a much stronger leg and can be a consistent threat from over fifty yards on field goals, but he'll have to prove he's accurate enough to warrant cutting a reliable kicker. Most teams would simply find a punter who handles kickoffs when their kicker struggles with the task, but the Redskins must have seen something they liked in Zach Hocker. Indeed, there is some rare upside to him. There are many college kickers who are accurate and many who have strong legs, but the combination of the two is rare at even the NFL level. Zach Hocker has shown the potential to provide both leg strength and accuracy. All that remains is to see whether he can do so consistently in a pressure environment. The battle for the kicker job may be the closest battle in camp this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Zach Hocker is a consistent scoring and touchback threat.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Zach Hocker has the leg for every kind of kick.

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