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Ted Bolser

Washington Redskins

Tight End



Strength: Ted Bolser has a reputation as a full-effort player. Ted Bolser is an intelligent player. Ted Bolser has a lot of playing experience. Ted Bolser is a big, strong tight end. Ted Bolser has adequate speed for an NFL tight end. Ted Bolser is a willing special teams player. Ted Bolser has experience as a tight end, H-back, and fullback.
Weakness: Ted Bolser is not particularly fluid in his routes. Ted Bolser is not particularly athletic. Ted Bolser is not as powerful of a blocker as his size would indicate. Ted Bolser struggles to maintain blocks. Ted Bolser can get pushed around and lose his balance blocking on the line. Ted Bolser struggles to get open in tight man coverage.
Development: Ted Bolser has the body of a blocking tight end, but the mentality of a receiving tight end. He's a pretty reliable short-range zone receiver at this point, but he's not nearly ready as a blocker. Ted Bolser will need to put in a lot of work as both a run blocker and a pass blocker before he is no longer a liability on offense. His limited agility and fluidity may make it challenging for him. If he is able to develop his game as a blocker he certainly has the body and skills to be a red-zone threat in the passing game some day. In the mean time, he's going to have to earn his spot with special teams play. Even so, it is unlikely he'll earn a roster spot without an injury to another tight end; the bigger question is whether he'll even earn a practice squad spot. He's got to show something special in the preseason if he's going to get the chance to develop as an NFL player.
Fantasy Football Rating: Ted Bolser could be a red-zone receiver some day.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ted Bolser has ideal size and for a tight end, but is a project with limited upside.

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