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Lache Seastrunk

Washington Redskins

Running Back



Strength: Lache Seastrunk is agile. Lache Seastrunk is quick. Lache Seastrunk is elusive. Lache Seastrunk is an explosive runner and jumper. Lache Seastrunk consistently breaks off long runs. Lache Seastrunk has excellent balance, even in traffic. Lache Seastrunk didn't have a lot of carries in college.
Weakness: Lache Seastrunk is a poor blocker. Lache Seastrunk shows poor block assignment recognition. Lache Seastrunk has very limited experience running routes. Lache Seastrunk is not particularly big nor strong. Lache Seastrunk is not a powerful runner. Lache Seastrunk caught very few passes in college. Lache Seastrunk has small hands.
Development: Lache Seastrunk is an intriguing prospect coming into the league with all of the halfback measurables teams drool over and a history of producing big plays, but with the technique of a college freshman. He could be great or he could be a liability. If he were to play now, his lack of experience in the passing game as a receiver and his lack of skills as a blocker means that teams would key on him as a runner whenever he's in the game, making it hard for him to find room to run. It is unlikely he'll become a reliable at both by the time the season starts, so the Redskins' coaching staff needs to try to develop his skills as quickly as possible just to make him versatile enough to play in games. Though he has the running skills to be an excellent returner, he doesn't have the experience and he may be too much of an East-West runner for the job. If he is able to develop into a reliable blocker and receiver some day, he could be a very good running back in the NFL. It will be up to him and the coaching staff to make that happen. Despite being a sixth round draft pick, Lache Seastrunk's upside may get him a roster spot in the mean time, as another team may want him if the Redskins try to clear him for the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Lache Seastrunk is a threat to score each time he touches the ball.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player. Ideal RB athlete. Lache Seastrunk is one of those rare athletes who could be elite or just as likely a frustrating disappointment.

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