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Ryan Grant

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver



Strength: Ryan Grant is a route technician. Ryan Grant is a very experienced receiver. Ryan Grant has special teams experience. Ryan Grant has reliable hands. Ryan Grant shows excellent coordination at all times. Ryan Grant isn't afraid of going over the middle. Ryan Grant has an explosive first and second step. Ryan Grant plays with good agility. Ryan Grant has a reputation as a hard worker. Ryan Grant is an intelligent player.
Weakness: Ryan Grant has below average speed for an NFL wide receiver. Ryan Grant is not a particularly strong player. Ryan Grant had a poor all-around Combine. Ryan Grant is small for a possession receiver. Ryan Grant isn't a consistent threat to turn short catches into long touchdowns.
Development: Ryan Grant lacks the two most sought after physical traits of NFL wide receivers: speed and size. This is why he wasn't considered much of a prospect by most teams. But what he provides is a polished college receiver with a very short learning curve toward being a polished NFL receiver. He comes into the league ready to run all of the routes an NFL receiver needs to run. He's a willing blocker and a willing special teams player. He plays with consistent effort. Basically, Ryan Grant could go out and start for the Redskins in week 1 and have a productive game. The real question with him is whether or not he can be a consistent enough long-yardage receiver to force a team to start him. Adding some muscle may help with that. He comes into the league with a lot of faster receivers ahead of him on the depth chart, but may be able to leverage his special teams skills into an active roster spot. If not, his reliability as a receiver virtually guarantees at least a practice squad spot with the Redskins in 2014.
Fantasy Football Rating: Ryan Grant should produce receptions when he plays, but he is buried on the depth chart.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive, ready-to-go player. Ryan Grant lacks speed and size, but makes up for it with athleticism and precision.

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