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Bashaud Breeland

Washington Redskins




Strength: Bashaud Breeland is a full-effort player in all roles. Bashaud Breeland is a strong tackler at the line and in the defensive backfield. Bashaud Breeland plays cornerback with unusual physicality. Bashaud Breeland has experience playing free safety. Bashaud Breeland is an excellent special teams tackler. Bashaud Breeland has shown some ability to create turnovers. Bashaud Breeland makes quick adjustments with his legs and arms.
Weakness: Bashaud Breeland is not particularly fast. Bashaud Breeland had a poor Combine. Bashaud Breeland lacks a powerful first step. Bashaud Breeland has a tendency to collect penalties in coverage.
Development: Bashaud Breeland is a bit of a tweener defensive back prospect. This means he can step in and play multiple positions, but he is not a developed player at any particular position. His poor NFL Combine numbers may have dropped him a couple of rounds as primarily a cornerback prospect. But he also has some technique issues as a cornerback, particularly when matching up with larger or quicker receivers. Still, he figures to be developed as a cornerback from the start because he has shown some potential to be a shutdown man-coverage corner despite measured speed concerns; later he could be tested as a free safety, if cornerback isn't working out. His diverse set of skills, decent size, ability to knock receivers out of their routes at the line, and willingness to stop the run could make him a valuable all-around contributor at some point. He has a good chance to make the roster as a special teams player, which should buy him some time to adjust to NFL game speed. He'll need a lot of work to become consistent enough at corner to start in the NFL, but his history suggests that he can put in the work to make it happen.
Fantasy Football Rating: Bashaud Breeland should put up pretty good statistics as a tackler and turnover creator when he becomes a starter.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Plus athlete with slight CB speed deficiency; good football player with potential to exceed measurables.

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