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Xavier Nixon

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Xavier Nixon has ideal size and athleticism for an offensive tackle in a zone blocking scheme. Xavier Nixon is strong. Xavier Nixon is quick and agile for his size. Xavier Nixon has plenty of experience blocking against many of the top pass rushers in college football.
Weakness: Xavier Nixon often displays poor balance and sloppy hand work. Xavier Nixon misses a lot of blocking assignments. Xavier Nixon seems indecisive at times. Minor injuries and penalties seem to be a regular concern for Xavier Nixon.
Development: Xavier Nixon is the kind of athlete that makes a coach drool about his athletic potential, then mourn, as he has never been able to put it all together from a mental and fundamental standpoint. He consistently made mistakes despite having a significant amount of playing time, though at the college level he was often able to cover those mistakes up with athletic compensations. It should suffice to say that he is unlikely to be mentally ready or technically sound enough to play in the NFL in 2013 after showing significant deficiency in those areas at the college level. On the other hand, he still has the elite size and athleticism that will make it very hard for the coaches to leave him off the practice squad, if he shows signs of improvement throughout the offseason. On the positive side, there are no reports of him being particularly difficult to coach or get along with and he says all of the right things during interviews. If he is really able to dedicate himself toward studying the game and he becomes a more instinctively technically sound lineman with a better awareness of what the defense is doing, there are few limits to how good he can become.
Fantasy Football Rating: No positive near-term impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project with ideal size and athleticism.

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