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Will Compton

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Will Compton is a charismatic player. Will Compton is known as an intense, hard-working player. Will Compton is an intelligent player. Will Compton has a lot of football experience against a high level of competition. Will Compton shows a strong awareness for his responsibilities on both running and passing plays.
Weakness: Will Compton doesn't have ideal speed nor the athleticism expected from a moderately sized inside linebacker. Will Compton struggles catching the ball in his small hands. Will Compton doesn't use his arms particularly well to shed blockers. Will Compton lacks closing speed and burst as a tackler.
Development: Will Compton did not have great workout numbers, but they were better than what most people expected after watching film of him play. That is not to say that he was anything less than the leader of the Nebraska defense. In terms of knowing his assignments and how to position his teammates, he shows himself to be an exemplary field leader. While he is very athletic in terms of quick twitch responses, he sometimes looks like he is over thinking the game on the field. He did show improvement on that over time and will need to continue to become more instinctive over time. However, the biggest area of concern for him will be learning how to use his limited athleticism to get through blockers and finish off tackles more consistently. The good news is that he has consistently improved upon every aspect of his game over time and, if given time to develop, could become a solid NFL linebacker. Just don't expect it to happen in 2013. He needs to flash his special teams skills and show his intelligence throughout the preseason in order to make the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Every-down linebacker potential, but limited statistical impact, especially in 2013.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Limited athlete with the intelligence and desire to develop into a solid NFL player, if he can stick around a while.

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