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Tevita Stevens

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Tevita Stevens is athletic for his build. Tevita Stevens has a lot of experience at both offensive guard and center. Tevita Stevens has strong legs that he leverages well. Tevita Stevens has excellent leg drive burst. Tevita Stevens is a consistent blocker in both the run game and passing game. Tevita Stevens generally makes good reads and blocking assignment decisions.
Weakness: Tevita Stevens has a small build, short arms, and not much room to add more upper body weight. Tevita Stevens lacks ideal strength. Tevita Stevens lacks the agility to consistently block at the second level. Tevita Stevens lacks ideal quickness and agility for an offensive lineman at any position.
Development: Tevita Stevens is a versatile, polished lineman with some physical deficiencies. His lack of size should not be much of an issue in the zone blocking scheme, as he will more than make up for it with his leverage and leg drive. The bigger question is whether he has the necessary mobility. Because he has strong legs that he uses well, he could actually afford to lose a little weight in an attempt to get a little more agile. His versatility and experience give him an excellent shot at the practice squad if he plays well during the preseason. He seems to have a strong grasp of the mental side of the game and good instincts. He's not far from being ready to go as a zone blocker.
Fantasy Football Rating: No significant positive or negative impact when he plays.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Smallish, experienced, and mentally ready to go, but needs to shrink his midsection to play at NFL speed.

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