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Skye Dawson

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Skye Dawson is an experienced returner. Skye Dawson has elite speed, quickness, and agility. Skye Dawson has a lot of experience as a wide receiver. Skye Dawson has some experience playing the running back position. Skye Dawson shows a great deal of explosiveness with the ball in his hands. Skye Dawson shows a great deal of athleticism adjusting to balls in the air and bursting out of his receptions.
Weakness: Skye Dawson is small. Skye Dawson has small hands and short arms. Skye Dawson is not a refined route runner. Skye Dawson has a reputation for dropping important punts.
Development: Skye Dawson has rare speed and athleticism, but it is all packed into a frame that looks even smaller than what it measures. The good news is that this translated into him turning a lot of short passes, runs, and returns into much longer ones. The bad news is that he is not only undersized, but somewhat raw for such an experienced player. This makes the comparisons to Brandon Banks natural. Skye would project well as a returner, but he has not shown an ability to consistently make clean catches and his small hands don't lend to the idea of him getting much better at that. On the other hand, if he were to develop into a decent receiver his explosiveness as a return man could be well-utilized during those do-or-die return situations at the end of games. It is very unlikely he'll make the regular season roster without a couple of injuries to return men, but if he is able to consistently display his explosiveness as a receiver and show significant progress as a route runner throughout the preseason, he could grab a practice squad spot.
Fantasy Football Rating: Explosive player, but unlikely to be featured.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw player with prototypical backup scatback/slot receiver/returner speed and athleticism. Unlikely to last long, but certainly explosive enough to make big plays.

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