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Nick Williams

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Nick Williams is quick and agile running routes and running with the ball. Nick Williams has extensive experience as a returner, scoring 2 touchdowns each on kicks and punts.
Weakness: Nick Williams has below average size and speed for an NFL wide receiver. Nick Williams is raw as a receiver.
Development: Nick Williams shows potential to be an explosive little wide receiver, but has little experience playing the position. He will most likely be auditioning for a job as a special teams player while they see what kind of slot receiver he can be. For most guys trying to earn a job, special teams are the key. For Nick Williams, showing he can do something besides special teams will be the key to landing a job on the practice squad. If he shows flashes that he can be make good decisions, run his routes correctly, and make big plays out of the slot, he has a chance of sticking to the practice squad for a while.
Fantasy Football Rating: Explosive return man if by some miracle he wins the job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Returner. Undersized wide receiver project.

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