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Marvin Burdette

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Marvin Burdette has a strong, thick build. Marvin Burdette has plenty of college experience as a middle linebacker. Marvin Burdette is a tackle machine who is always around the ball. Marvin Burdette is the type of guy who never gives up on making a play until the play is over. Marvin Burdette shows an affinity for the mental side of the game.
Weakness: Marvin Burdette is quite short for an inside linebacker. Marvin Burdette doesn't create a lot of turnovers. Marvin Burdette hasn't made an impact as a pass rusher.
Development: Marvin Burdette is the type of heady, always around the football inside linebacker the Redskins like to give a shot at making the roster each offseason. He was a very productive college player who simply doesn't have the measurables to be a draft pick. He is pretty much ready to go as an NFL player without a lot of upside, though there will be some adjustment process for him learning to play inside linebacker in the Redskins' scheme. While his size and tackling numbers may remind some of a London Fletcher, he is not the same type of hard-hitting, play reading master that Fletcher is. He is a pure effort player. He will do his job on the field but he isn't going to make any athletic plays that simply surprise you and leave you with your mouth hanging open. There is no doubt that he can get the job done in the NFL, the only question is if he's athletic enough to be an impact player. For now, he'll probably need to make some big plays on defense and show he can play special teams at a high level in the preseason just to grab a practice squad spot. If he gets a chance to play down the road, don't expect him to be out of position very often.
Fantasy Football Rating: Pure tackle machine.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready-to-go, productive, effort player without much upside.

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