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Jeremy Kimbrough

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker

Rookie Free Agent

Appalachian State

Strength: Jeremy Kimbrough has good quickness and agility for a player of his short, wide build. Jeremy Kimbrough shows some skills as a blitzer, both on passing and running downs. Jeremy Kimbrough is equally adept at stuffing the run and dropping back into coverage. Jeremy Kimbrough shows excellent burst to make up ground when trailing a play. Jeremy Kimbrough gets good leverage and stuffs a lot of short yardage plays.
Weakness: Jeremy Kimbrough is very short for a middle linebacker. Jeremy Kimbrough hasn't played against elite competition. Though quick with a strong burst, Jeremy Kimbrough lacks top-gear speed. Jeremy Kimbrough does not use his hands well to shed blockers.
Development: Jeremy Kimbrough is the type of heady, always around the football inside linebacker the Redskins like to give a shot at making the roster each offseason. He was a very productive college player who simply doesn't have the height or big college game experience to be a draft pick. Jeremy Kimbrough will need some time to develop into an NFL player, but he certainly has shown a head for the ball and the athleticism necessary to play inside linebacker. His biggest area of need right now is learning how to shed blockers who get in on his chest or knees. If he should impress coaches enough to make the practice squad, he should benefit from practicing with and watching London Fletcher, who came into the league with very similar measurables and skills. But what makes them very similar is their natural big builds and unusual closing speed, instincts, nimble feet, and tackling strength. He's a sideline to sideline force, who will often be the guy who hurries the quarterback and then tackles the receiver or forces the running back to cut back to the other side of the line and then makes the tackle on the other side of the line. However, he faces heavy competition this year and will have to be as consistent and relentless in the preseason as he was in college in order to grab a spot. His skills lend themselves well to special teams where he can be a difference maker. If he sticks around a while he should develop into a plus inside linebacker in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Makes plays all over the field.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized small-school project, with ideal athleticism, intelligence, and instincts to lead a defense.

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