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Jacolby Ashworth

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Jacolby Ashworth has experience at left tackle and right guard. Jacolby Ashworth shows good leverage and strength as a pass blocker. Jacolby Ashworth shows good quickness and makes quick adjustments to pass rushers in tight spaces. Jacolby Ashworth is an athletic offensive lineman.
Weakness: Jacolby Ashworth is smaller than ideal for an offensive lineman. Jacolby Ashworth has small hands and short arms for his size. Jacolby Ashworth is a bit slow in wide spaces. Jacolby Ashworth is not refined as a run blocker.
Development: Jacolby Ashworth is an experienced blocker who offers positional versatility and the athleticism necessary for the zone blocking scheme. Though he lacks ideal size, speed, and strength for an offensive lineman, he is adequate in all of those areas. In a wide open attack he has shown himself a team leader and someone who is able to maintain good contact with his blocking assignment on a consistent basis. If he shows enough to stick around for a practice squad spot he could develop into a solid contributor some day. He will need to learn how to block for more of a run-heavy attack and put on a little more muscle to take advantage of any opportunities given to him.
Fantasy Football Rating: Pass block specialist.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: College experienced and productive. Versatile. Long-shot to stick around and develop.

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