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Emmanuel Ogbuehi

Washington Redskins

Tight End

Rookie Free Agent

Georgia State

Strength: Emmanuel Ogbuehi has good football intelligence. Emmanuel Ogbuehi is a strong, chiseled athlete. Emmanuel Ogbuehi has experience playing special teams, fullback, tailback, h-back, and tight end. Emmanuel Ogbuehi turned a lot of heads with impressive workout numbers.
Weakness: Emmanuel Ogbuehi is a bit undersized for the tight end position. Even at Georgia State, Emmanuel Ogbuehi was not a featured player.
Development: Emmanuel Ogbuehi was not even on most teams' radars after his final season at Georgia State. He's a tweener athlete that doesn't seem ideally suited for any particular position. However, he has done a solid job as a receiver and running back. He shows good speed and runs okay routes. He looks like he could develop into a plus blocker as a fullback, though he is deficient blocking as a tight end on the line. His special teams experience should help his odds of playing in the NFL some day. However, even if he played lights out for the whole preseason, without a couple of injuries his best case scenario for 2013 would be a spot on the practice squad. He certainly has the athletic measurables to make you think he could turn into a legitimate NFL fullback or receiving tight end some day, but he likely faces the longest odds of any of the rookies on the roster.
Fantasy Football Rating: No near-term impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Workout warrior tweener project.

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