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Chip Reeves

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Chip Reeves is a good athlete with adequate speed for an NFL wide receiver. Chip Reeves makes good adjustments to balls in the air. Chip Reeves was one of the most improved players in college football last year. Chip Reeves has a second gear when pursuing the ball in the air and when running after the catch.
Weakness: Chip Reeves has a very small build for a wide receiver. Chip Reeves showed questionable dedication early in his college career.
Development: Chip Reeves was an off the radar athlete who left the game. In 2012 he came back with the look of determination. He has a long way to go to develop into an NFL player. He could use another 20lbs of muscle on his frame. He needs to be a lot more crisp running routes. He needs to develop a deeper understanding of the game and what defenders are trying to do. Basically, he is an athlete who makes things happen when the ball is in the air and then in his hands, but he has a long way to go before he's ready to play in the NFL. He has the skills to be a plus special teams returner, but he's probably too far down the depth chart to get reps. He has no legitimate shot at a roster spot this year and faces an uphill battle for a practice squad spot. If he somehow sticks around and continues working as hard as he has for the last year, there is a chance he could spend some time in the NFL as a receiver and returner.
Fantasy Football Rating: Check back in on him in a couple of years.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw, explosive receiver.

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