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Jordan Reed

Washington Redskins

Tight End



Strength: Jordan Reed provides an unusual combination of size and agility. Jordan Reed has played well against good competition at quarterback, running back, h-back, tight end, and wide receiver. Jordan Reed displays exceptional coordination while adjusting to balls in the air.
Weakness: Jordan Reed has very raw technique as both a receiver and blocker. Jordan Reed has had a variety of leg injuries in the past. There are questions about Jordan Reed's attitude. Jordan Reed didn't time particularly well in running drills for a smallish tight end.
Development: Jordan Reed is a very rare type of athlete. He is not even close to being ready to start at tight end in the NFL, but he certainly has the athleticism to make big plays if coaches can find ways to get the ball into his hands. Catching and running with the ball are two things he is ready to do at a very high level. What he lacks in top-end speed, he more than makes up for with his rare agility and vision. His long arms and legs make him even more deceptive in the open field. When a player is able to latch on, Jordan Reed has the strength to run over and shed such a player as often as not. His experience playing many different positions lends toward hope that with a focus on playing tight end he'll be able to quickly learn what he needs to become an elite tight end. His play in college certainly displayed an ability to step into a variety of positions and do well. However, this doesn't mean he'll be limited to playing a traditional tight end role. Expect the coaching staff to use him on special teams and to get the ball into his hands in the open field any way they can while he works on becoming a more complete tight end.
Fantasy Football Rating: Could be a featured receiver some day.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Super athlete, positional project. Has all of the physical tools to go as far as he's willing to work, if he stays healthy.

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