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David Amerson

Washington Redskins



North Carolina State

Strength: David Amerson makes big plays with regularity. David Amerson has the receiving skills to be a top free safety. David Amerson has the strength and tackling skills of a safety. David Amerson has ideal size for a cornerback, making good use of his long arms and big hands. David Amerson has adequate speed and exceptional quickness for his size. David Amerson has a reputation as a hard worker.
Weakness: David Amerson gives up big plays with regularity. David Amerson often plays more like a roaming safety than a cornerback. David Amerson tends to bite on moves made by receivers and quarterbacks.
Development: Early in the draft, many thought David Amerson would be the Redskins starting free safety in 2013 because that was perceived as their biggest hole. His playing style, size, and college statistics all seemed to point in that direction. Once the Redskins had drafted two pure safeties, it became apparent that the Redskins were taking a big gamble on a big cornerback best known for his gambling style. There are two sides to David Amerson. One is a once-in-a-generation cornerback who made a nearly unbelievable amount of positive, game-changing plays. The other is a cornerback who made so many negative, game-changing plays as to make you wonder how coaches could put him back on the field. If he were smaller, the most apt NFL comparison might be DeAngelo Hall. The challenge for the coaching staff is going to be figuring out how to keep the big, positive plays coming while eliminating the big, negative plays. Washington doesn't have a lot of depth at cornerback, so David Amerson should have a chance to earn playing time. He has a long way to go in his development. He needs to learn how to read plays and react at appropriate times. He needs to learn assignments. He needs to learn basic technique. In particular, he needs to learn how to handle tight man coverage on the outside. If he works hard, all of the skills are there to be one of the great cornerbacks. Can he overcome his negative instincts? It may be a while before we know. However, if he doesn't figure it out at cornerback, a good coaching staff ought to be able to make something special of his skills at free safety.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big play player, for both teams.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal defensive back athlete. Coverage technique project. If deployed appropriately, David Amerson should be a Pro Bowl regular down the road.

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