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Jawan Jamison

Washington Redskins




Strength: Jawan Jamison is an excellent receiver. Jawan Jamison has a reputation as a well-grounded, hard-working player. Jawan Jamison is a willing pass blocker. Jawan Jamison is small enough that it is hard for defensive players to keep track of him.
Weakness: Jawan Jamison is a small half back. Jawan Jamison is a little slow for a half back. Jawan Jamison is neither particularly quick nor agile. Jawan Jamison is coming off of a leg injury.
Development: Jawan Jamison has similar pathetic speed numbers to Evan Royster and Alfred Morris. While he lacks the power of either of those backs, he is a little more elusive than Royster and a better receiver than Morris. He is also one of those cut and run backs that fit the zone scheme so well. In other words, he's a perfect fit for what the team has and tries to do, but he'll have to beat out a more established player with similar skills to get a roster spot. Morris proved last year that it could be done. It will not help Jawan Jamison's chances of making the roster that there are also two speed backs with similar receiving skills to his that are also battling for a job or two. The odds are stacked against him making the roster this year without an injury or two, but there is a good chance of him making the practice squad. If he's healthy he's a handy guy to have on the practice squad because he's ready to play in the NFL and he is a perfect system fit. Like Royster and Morris, he could probably start for an extended period of time and be very successful in the system the Redskins run. He is a tough player who may not shed too many tackles but will take what is given to him and fight for a little extra.
Fantasy Football Rating: System fit should produce as runner if he starts or receiver if he wins 3rd down job.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Though he lacks ideal size and speed, Jawan Jamison is a tough back who, if he ever has the chance, will produce as a runner and receiver behind the zone scheme.

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