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Bacarri Rambo

Washington Redskins

Free Safety



Strength: Bacarri Rambo appears to be physically and mentally able to do everything a safety is required to do. Bacarri Rambo has shown good hands both as a receiver and as a ball stripper. Bacarri Rambo has played well at both safety positions against top college talent. Bacarri Rambo has good size and strength for the free safety position. Bacarri Rambo has a reputation as a hard hitter. Bacarri Rambo has a reputation as a student of the game.
Weakness: Bacarri Rambo has a history of drug suspensions. Bacarri Rambo lacks elite quickness and agility for man coverage of elite wide receivers.
Development: Bacarri Rambo's biggest drawback as a football player has been his questionable judgment off the field. Hopefully he'll avoid spending too much time with other players on the team who have also reportedly had a hard time avoiding the lure of mind-altering drugs. If he is able to forsake drugs and poor associations, he could soon find himself as one of the rare sixth rounders to quickly develop into a star in the NFL. The coaches seem pretty confident that he is on his way toward the latter. He is not just an intelligent football player, but one who quickly reacts appropriately to what he sees. For this reason he should be ready to start in the NFL in 2013. Though he is not an elite athlete and he lacks an ideal build, he is a good enough athlete and a strong enough player to do all that is required. While there are plenty of technical aspects of his game in need of improvement, he has already displayed the athletic and mental capacity to do everything required to play both safety positions. He will never be a guy you isolate one on one with an elite wide receiver or regularly ask to take on offensive linemen and fullbacks to get into the backfield, but he has the tools to develop into an impact player from either safety position.
Fantasy Football Rating: Creates turnovers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Almost ready-to-go NFL safety with ball-hawk upside.

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