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Brandon Jenkins

Washington Redskins

Defensive End


Florida State

Strength: Brandon Jenkins is quick off the snap. Brandon Jenkins has been a very productive defensive end against top college competition. Brandon Jenkins' long arms and legs are an integral part of his pass rushing proficiency and upside. Brandon Jenkins has excellent leg drive and acceleration for his size. Brandon Jenkins drives through his tackles. Brandon Jenkins is an intelligent player. Brandon Jenkins has questionable play read and pass coverage skills. Brandon Jenkins has ideal size, agility, and tackling skills for special teams.
Weakness: Brandon Jenkins missed most of last season with an injury. Brandon Jenkins put up horrible pre-draft workout numbers. Brandon Jenkins has small hands. Brandon Jenkins isn't big enough nor strong enough to be a regular defensive end at the NFL level.
Development: Brandon Jenkins is a guy who got injured at the wrong time for his draft prospect status, but at the right time for the Redskins to get a day one talent in the fifth round, assuming a full recovery. He is very technically raw as a defensive end, but will come in and compete for an outside linebacker job with virtually no experience playing that position. He has a lot of learning to do before he is ready to do anything besides rush the passer. Even as a pass rusher, though his athleticism will help him get in the backfield and make plays, he needs a lot of work on reading where plays are going and learning how to shed or drive through blockers. He may lack the speed to be an every down linebacker in the NFL, but he does have the athletic skills that will be necessary to pursue running backs, cover receivers, and make plays on the ball in small spaces. It may take him a few years to become adequate in those areas of the game. In the mean time, what makes all of that worthwhile is that he has consistently shown himself to be a guy who can get into the backfield and sack quarterbacks. Assuming he returns to full health and stays healthy, he should only improve as a pass rusher as he learns the fundamentals and tricks a pass rusher needs to be consistent. I'd be very surprised if he is healthy and doesn't make the roster.
Fantasy Football Rating: Pass rush specialist, but hasn't forced many turnovers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive pass-rush specialist.

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