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Chris Thompson

Washington Redskins



Florida State

Strength: Chris Thompson has good hands as a receiver. Chris Thompson has good vision. Chris Thompson has excellent quickness and burst. Chris Thompson is very fast. Chris Thompson has a reputation as a hard worker. Chris Thompson is a full-effort player.
Weakness: Chris Thompson lacks the build of an every-down running back. Chris Thompson has an injury history. Despite strong effort, Chris Thompson seems to lack the physical ability to block blitzers. Chris Thompson has very limited experience as a kick and punt returner.
Development: Chris Thompson is a small, explosive player who can make big plays in the NFL right away. However, he doesn't look like a guy who is built for more than 5 to 10 plays per game. He's the kind of player that can only be well-utilized by a coaching staff willing to have a list of plays designed just for him. As such, if he were to make the team it would probably be as the fourth half-back and a non-blocking third down specialist. His skills and size would seem to make him an ideal returner, but he rarely did that in college. Showing an ability for such in training camp and the pre-season would seem to be a necessity for a guy trying to carve out a place on the roster. Still, it cannot be ignored that most NFL players simply won't be able to get a hold of him in the open field. If he can stay healthy he could one day find himself with a special niche on a team. There is no doubt he can make big plays in the NFL, so it is only a matter of whether he shows enough of them early on to stick around as a big-play specialist. It's hard to fathom him not making at least the practice squad this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: High yards per touch player with limited touches.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Scatback. Will go as far as his special teams development and health take him.

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