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Nick Martinez

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Oklahoma State

Strength: Nick Martinez has an ideal frame for an offensive guard. Nick Martinez is very athletic for a lineman. Nick Martinez is very strong. Nick Martinez Nick Martinez played well as a left tackle against top college competition.
Weakness: Nick Martinez is a bit light offensive guard. Nick Martinez doesn't have much game experience at OG. Nick Martinez is a good special teams player.
Development: Nick Martinez faces an uphill battle as a guy who comes in semi-raw and undrafted. Even with the lack of depth on the team, Nick Martinez probably isn't ready to be a starter. However, he does have intriguing strength and athleticism, making him an ideal fit for a zone blocking scheme. He is most likely in camp as a tryout for the practice squad, with a better than even chance of making it. That he has special teams experience should be a plus in that regard. His athleticism means that there are few limits on how far he can go, but he'll have to find a way to hang on while he develops.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nick Martinez playing this season would mean the Redskins' line is a beat up shambles, again.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Nick Martinez is an athletic system fit.

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