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Monte Lewis

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Jacksonville State

Strength: Monte Lewis is fast for a defensive end. Monte Lewis had a lot of productive college experience as a defensive end. Monte Lewis is both fast and quick for a man of his size.
Weakness: Monte Lewis is a bit undersized as a defensive end. Monte Lewis hasn't played much against top competition.
Development: Monte Lewis showed himself to be both a good run stopper and pass rusher in college. However, he'll have a lot of work to do to take that to the NFL level. He's seen primarily as a developmental project who is not ready to play full-time, though he could be used as a pass rusher. He is most likely auditioning for a practice squad spot, which is his to lose. He need only show that he is improving, particularly in pass coverage, to make the practice squad. If he is able to hang on for a couple of years he could have a future.
Fantasy Football Rating: Monte Lewis shows sack potential; some day.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Monte Lewis is a speed/athleticism project facing long odds.

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