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Grant Garner

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Oklahoma State

Strength: Grant Garner is an experienced center who has played well against some of the best linemen in the nation. Grant Garner is well-respected as a block caller. Grant Garner rarely whiffs on a block. Grant Garner is very quick and agile for an offensive lineman.
Weakness: Despite being on the light side, Grant Garner is not particularly chiseled. Grant Garner is not a dominating blocker.
Development: Grant Garner is a hard-working, intelligent over-achiever. He should catch on to the zone blocking system rather quickly, though he'll be asked to do some different things blocking than he has done in the past. He may already be the second best center on the team, but the versatility of many of the other offensive linemen may keep him off of the roster. As long as he doesn't embarrass himself he is a rare rookie free agent that should be able to make the practice squad. There is no reason he shouldn't be able to succeed in the NFL in any scheme, but he is ideally suited to be a zone blocker and with some hard work on his conditioning could be a very good center.
Fantasy Football Rating: Grant Garner is a trustworthy pass blocker and a solid run blocker who can make the line calls for a productive offense.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Grant Garner is a system-fit, intelligent player.

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