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Donnell Holt

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Donnell Holt has a strong, thick build. Donnell Holt is a relatively agile player for his size. Donnell Holt has plenty of experience against solid competition as an inside linebacker. Donnell Holt has been a durable player, even though he's usually in the thick of the pile.
Weakness: Donnell Holt is a bit short for an inside linebacker. Donnell Holt isn't particularly fast.
Development: Donnell Holt is a strong player who has consistently made plays, some of them pretty big plays, though he is rarely the star of the defense. While he could use some technique refinement, he's basically ready to go as an inside linebacker. He doesn't have the flashy athleticism to be a star, but he has enough to be a solid player in the NFL. Fortunately for him, the Redskins are not particularly deep at ILB and he should be able to make the practice squad if he is able to make a few big plays on defense or special teams and catch the coaches' attention.
Fantasy Football Rating: Donnell Holt is decent as a pass rusher, coverage guy, and forcing fumbles.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Donnell Holt is a productive player who knows what he's doing on the football field.

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