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Delvin Johnson

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Delvin Johnson has ideal size for the nose tackle position. Delvin Johnson is very strong. Delvin Johnson has a reputation as a hard worker. Delvin Johnson showed consistent improvement over the course of his college career.
Weakness: Delvin Johnson is slow by nose tackle standards. Delvin Johnson doesn't do a particularly good job of sliding side-to-side while maintaining leverage.
Development: Delvin Johnson comes in as a player who has all of the skills and experience necessary to play the position, though there is still room for improvement. If he shows he can play he has an outside chance at a roster spot. What is working against him is actually that he is one of only a couple of guys who is a true nose tackle, while the team tends to go with a line rotation and nearly all of the players in that rotation have defensive tackle experience. Still, if Delvin Johnson comes in and plays the way he did in college and continues to show improvement, he should at least make the practice squad, which is saying something for a rookie free agent. Down the road, some teams may regret not taking him in the 7th round.
Fantasy Football Rating: Delvin Johnson, in true NT form, makes the other players look better.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Delvin Johnson is a slowish, small-school player with a history of consistent production.

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