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Brian McNally

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

New Hampshire

Strength: Brian McNally was a dominating pass rusher in college. Brian McNally can be a disruptive force against the run, often beating or pushing his man into the backfield. Brian McNally has a reputation for not taking plays off.
Weakness: Brian McNally lacks ideal speed for a defensive end and would be considered slow as an OLB. Brian McNally doesn't pursue outside plays particularly well. Brian McNally doesn't have much pass coverage experience.
Development: Brian McNally is one of those guys who looks a little too short, a little too small, and a little to slow to be a college defensive end, while going out and dominating games. The question that made him an undrafted rookie free agent is whether he can take what he did against lesser competition and do it against the best athletes in the country. It's hard to argue against production, so the Redskins are giving him an opportunity to show that not only can he do all of that in the NFL, but while likely making a position change to OLB. He'll have to show that not only can he still wreak backfield havoc, but that he has potential to read plays and cover receivers. I wouldn't bet against him, but he faces tough odds just to make the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Brian McNally messes up offensive backfields.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Production. Overachiever.

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