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Beau Reliford

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Florida State

Strength: Beau Reliford is a tall tight end with a wide frame. Beau Reliford is very athletic. Beau Reliford catches the ball well. Beau Reliford brings a lot of playing experience against top college players.
Weakness: Beau Reliford is not particularly strong for a tight end. Beau Reliford did not catch many passes in college. Beau Reliford has very raw route running skills. Beau Reliford has very raw blocking skills.
Development: Beau Reliford has ideal size and athleticism for a pass-catching tight end, but is very much a developmental project despite coming from a top program and seeing a lot of playing time. Given that Beau Reliford is sitting at the end of possibly the deepest TE depth chart in the NFL, his signing was likely just to fill a roster slot and to evaluate him as a practice squad development project. While with hard work he does have the skills to be an NFL tight end, as both a receiver and blocker, he's a long shot and would probably have to make it with another team.
Fantasy Football Rating: Beau Reliford will not make an impact soon.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Beau Reliford is a raw project.

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