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Antwon Bailey

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Antwon Bailey is a shifty runner. Antwon Bailey has good vision in tight spots. Antwon Bailey has powerful legs. Antwon Bailey is a gifted receiver. Antwon Bailey is a good blocker. Antwon Bailey is densely built. Antwon Bailey shows a lot of football intelligence on the field.
Weakness: Antwon Bailey is small for a running back. Antwon Bailey has substandard speed, especially for his size. Antwon Bailey had some game changing fumbles in college.
Development: Antwon Bailey will get a lot of looks in training camp and a few looks in the preseason to see if he is worthy of a spot on the practice squad. While he would need a few injuries to make the roster, he is a ready-to-go type of player despite only starting one year of college football. He knows how to play his position very well and can do most of the so-called little things well, from blocking to running pass patterns from the slot to playing special teams. Basically, if the team needed a guy to start a game they could throw him in there now and he'd probably have a good game, but he's first got to find a way to make the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Watch out for fumbles, should he somehow see the field.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Antwon Bailey is a perfect system fit.

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