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Josh LeRibeus III

Washington Redskins




Strength: Josh LeRibeus is a competitor who plays with power against all levels of competition. Josh LeRibeus often displays surprising quickness off the ball and in tight spaces.
Weakness: Josh LeRibeus has shown questionable commitment in the past as a student and as an athlete. Josh LeRibeus has very limited experience at center and tackle. Josh LeRibeus lacks the second-gear speed to be a pulling guard.
Development: Josh LeRibeus is an attitude player. In other words, he may not have the best technique, may not be the strongest guy, and certainly won't be the fastest guy on the line, but he will win a lot of battles because he's the guy that launches at you and keeps coming at you the whole game long. This, along with his quickness and judgment in tight spaces are likely why the Redskins drafted him much higher than he appeared on anyone else's draft board. Though he has a lot of room for improvement in terms of technique, and especially in terms of providing positional flexibility, his attitude makes him the type of guy who won't be too intimidated to come right in and challenge for a starting job on one of the league's thinnest offensive lines. It helps that he is a good athletic fit for what Mike Shanahan likes to do with his zone blocking scheme on the inside. The questions about how far Josh LeRibeus will go in the NFL center around whether he has the overall athleticism to lock guys up once he hits open space in the second and third levels and how well he'll handle himself against fast pass rushers. Though he'll never be athletically up to the task of matching up with such, he probably has just enough athleticism to get the job done if he is able to perfect his technique. That is a pretty big question mark, but in the mean time, there is no reason his attitude and quick launch can't take a lot of guys by surprise on running plays.
Fantasy Football Rating: Can make the difference on goal-line runs up the middle, but probably will make a lot of pass blocking mistakes early in his career.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal build and disposition for OG, but questionable athletic skills. It will all come down to how quickly he masters zone concepts and blocking technique.

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