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Jordan Bernstine

Washington Redskins




Strength: Though smallish for a strong safety, Jordan Bernstine has a thick build. Jordan Bernstine has elite speed. Jordan Bernstine is an explosive, finishing tackler.
Weakness: Jordan Bernstine has a history of injuries. Jordan Bernstine barely played before his senior season.
Development: Jordan Bernstine is one of those guys who doesn't have a long resume and doesn't show refined technique, but has the strength and speed to make him worth a development effort. While he projects for the practice squad to refine his craft during his rookie year, his special teams skills could pull him onto the roster. It doesn't hurt that he was drafted by a team that isn't very settled at safety. While his speed makes him project better as a free safety, his coverage technique is very raw and he'll more likely start as a strong safety, keeping the previous sentence in mind. Jordan Bernstine simply needs to show he's learning and improving in order to hang around for another year or two. If he does that, by some time next year he'll be expected to show whether he has the athleticism and can grasp the mental aspect of the game well enough to put his speed to use as a defensive back.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jordan Bernstine is a dynamic runner with the ball in his hands.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Jordan Bernstine is a speedster/project player.

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