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Richard Crawford

Washington Redskins




Strength: Richard Crawford shows a lot of football knowledge and intelligence. Richard Crawford has played a variety of special teams and defensive backfield positions. Richard Crawford has ideal quickness and agility for an NFL cornerback. Richard Crawford is a solid tackler in coverage and run support.
Weakness: Richard Crawford lacks ideal size and speed for a cornerback.
Development: Richard Crawford is a developed, ready-to-go cornerback. What strengths and weaknesses he has are mostly what he'll always have with him, so the only question really is how quickly it takes him to get used to NFL speed so the Redskins can see how good he is. He clearly has the athleticism to play cornerback, with most of the questions being about his size and speed. If he proves himself adequate against taller and faster receivers, he has everything else he needs to be a solid corner in the league. What helps his chances of sticking around is that he is an experienced, willing special teams player who has shown flashes of explosiveness as a punt returner.
Fantasy Football Rating: Richard Crawford is a solid tackler who should put up decent interceptions numbers if he starts.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Richard Crawford is a football guy: knows how to play and enjoys playing to the fullest with what he's got.

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