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Robert Griffin III

Washington Redskins




Strength: Robert Griffin has great speed and a strong build for the QB position. Robert Griffin has a strong arm. Robert Griffin has a reputation for accurate passing, showing excellent touch even when throwing on the run. Robert Griffin has a reputation for strong leadership skills, particularly in how he works and prepares to play. Robert Griffin shows great intelligence on and off the football field. Robert Griffin rarely throws interceptions.
Weakness: Robert Griffin is a little shorter than ideal for a modern QB. Robert Griffin played in a college offense from which most players struggle when transitioning to an NFL style offense. There are concerns about Robert Griffin's long-term health, given a past knee injury and the number of times he has been tackled in college, though he is in fine shape at this point. Robert Griffin has questionable technique with taking snaps under center and getting his feet set for throws from the pocket.
Development: While he may physically be the closest thing to a top-tier RB of any QB ever drafted, Robert Griffin is seen as a pass-first athlete who fits perfectly with the roll-out passing scheme the Shanahans prefer. That ability and his ability to run the ball may be quite necessary to buy him time and figure out which receivers are open in the early going as he adapts to a totally different style of offense in the NFL. His natural accuracy should also be helpful. As a pure passer, Robert Griffin should be considered a project. But his numerous positive traits and the lack of an alternative on the team should give him the inside shot at the starting QB job and help accelerate his development. What has made him one of the most sought after QBs in draft history is that all of that athletic package comes in a guy who has so far shown himself to be very intelligent and well-grounded. Clearly, if he works hard, and his past indicates he will, he has all of the physical and mental traits to be a great QB. At the same time, he is still a QB project and somewhat of an unknown coming from a different type of offense. Because of his intelligence, they won't baby him into the offense, so expect him to be thrown into the thick of things and to struggle his way through as he develops, making occasional great, athletic plays.
Fantasy Football Rating: His legs make him a constant TD threat running and passing on the run, but watch out for uncertainty/rookie mistakes early.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Superior athlete, QB Project. Hard working and intelligent. Pro Bowl QB if he has a patient coaching staff with him for a significant length of time.

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