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Tom Compton

Washington Redskins



South Dakota

Strength: Tom Compton has a lot of experience as a college starter. Tom Compton has the NFL ideal build and athleticism for an OT. Tom Compton performed well across the board at the NFL combine. Tom Compton overpowered many of his opponents on running plays. Tom Compton is a try-hard player who competes from the snap until the whistle.
Weakness: Tom Compton faced questionable college competition. Tom Compton is not overly strong for an NFL lineman. Tom Compton can be knocked out of balance, especially when given a strong lateral punch by a quick defensive player.
Development: Tom Compton did very well in college, but it was likely because he was typically the best athlete on the field. His performances during workouts and the combine were more indicative of what you expect to see of defensive ends, which may bode well for him when it comes time to face NFL level competition. He will surely be overwhelmed at first by the increased size and athleticism of his competition, but his own superior size and athleticism are what make him an interesting development project. What's more, his athleticism is a perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme. Unfortunately, he will immediately be competing for a roster spot on a team without a lot of talent ahead of him. This bodes well for him making the roster, but not for the team should he see significant time as a rookie. If he learns quickly and fulfills his athletic potential and the Redskins continue with the zone blocking scheme for several more years, he could end up being in hindsight one of the best linemen taken in the draft. The learning curve he has to overcome to get there is pretty drastic, but, assuming good health, with the team's general lack of offensive line depth there is virtually no way he can miss at least the practice squad when the season starts.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tom Compton is a plus run blocker who should struggle early against good pass rushers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Tom Compton is a small-school project player with ideal atheticism and size.

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