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Alfred Morris

Washington Redskins



Florida Atlantic

Strength: Alfred Morris has an ideal build for a halfback. Alfred Morris makes quick, decisive cuts. Alfred Morris has excellent vision with the ball in his hands. Alfred Morris shows a strong willingness to block on passing plays. Alfred Morris looks to be a very reliable receiver with big hands, though he caught few passes in college.
Weakness: Alfred Morris has questionable speed for a halfback. Alfred Morris is not particularly strong. Alfred Morris has not generally done well against good college lines.
Development: Alfred Morris faces a tough situation, if the other three running backs ahead of him are healthy. In other words, he'll either need an injury or to show exceptional versatility to make the roster. He has questionable athleticism to be a running back in the NFL, yet his quick cut and go skills seem a perfect fit for what the Redskins currently ask their running backs to do. He is actually strikingly similar to Evan Royster, but with less impressive college production against less talented opponents. For this reason the team will likely want to see a lot of him throughout the exhibition season. If he shows himself to be durable and a good blocker, as he has been in college, he may force the team to carry an extra running back. There is no reason he should not be able to succeed in this system right away, but other than healthy legs, there is nothing about him to push him ahead of the other three backs. He's virtually a lock for the practice squad or another team's roster if he doesn't make the team opening day.
Fantasy Football Rating: Alfred Morris is a load-carrying type back, at the back of a roster.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Alfred Morris is a system fit who should produce a lot of positive yards carries when he plays.

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