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Adam Gettis

Washington Redskins




Strength: Adam Gettis has ideal athleticism for an offensive lineman. Adam Gettis has a strong, yet quick lower body that should win most leverage battles. Adam Gettis shows the athleticism to almost never whiff a block, whether working in wide open space at the second level or in the trenches.
Weakness: Adam Gettis is not a particularly strong offensive limenan. Adam Gettis is smaller than ideal for a guard. Adam Gettis often struggles to hold the pocket against power rushers.
Development: The selection of Adam Gettis is an example of drafting players to fit a system, with the Redskins being wise enough to wait until later in the draft to select a guy who looks like he was born to play in a zone blocking scheme. Adam Gettis probably lacks the size and strength, at least at this point, to ever be a dominating run blocker, but really doesn't have to be such to make the offense work. His athleticism will allow him to make blocks at all levels that many NFL linemen just can't make. However, despite the significant amount of experience he has playing at guard, it may take him a while to learn how to use what he has to overcome the size and athleticism of NFL linemen and linebackers. How quickly he masters the zone blocking scheme will directly determine how quickly he plays for a team without much quality depth at guard or center. If he proves himself up to the challenge, he should be able to stick around for about as long as the coaching staff does, despite being a late-round pick.
Fantasy Football Rating: Adam Gettis should have a neutral impact on the run game and a very positive impact on the passing game, but will probably make too many mistakes if he plays as a rookie.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Adam Gettis is an ideal system fit as an guard or center.

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