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Keenan Robinson

Washington Redskins




Strength: Keenan Robinson has an ideal build for a linebacker. Keenan Robinson shows ideal speed, quickness, and agility for a linebacker. Keenan Robinson is an all-out, effort player. Keenan Robinson shows excellent burst to close space when beaten in coverage and when in pursuit of runners.
Weakness: Keenan Robinson has not done a particularly good job of reading blocking or finishing plays at the college level. Keenan Robinson often makes poor reads and shows poor technique in coverage. Keenan Robinson doesn't show enough aggression finishing off his tackles.
Development: Though Keenan Robinson has a lot of major college playing experience, he is still a very raw player mentally who has found success up to this point by simply being a better athlete than the competition. That is not to say Keenan Robinson lacks a linebacker mentality, as he does a great job of going all out on plays. He is a good pick for the middle rounds because he has a first round body, but on the other side of that is that he is more raw than most middle round picks and cannot be expected to simply step in and start any time soon. The gamble by the coaches is that they can take his gifts and work him into a technically sound player who understands what he sees on the field as plays develop. For an ILB this is a bigger risk than for most positions and will take some time to evaluate, but in the mean time his size and athleticism should make him a dominant special teams player and provide a guy with some coverage skills who can fill in at OLB.
Fantasy Football Rating: Keenan Robinson will make a lot of big plays, but will probably give up even more big plays early in his career.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Keenan Robinson has prototypical size and athleticism to play any linebacker position, but is a total project when it comes to reads and technique. He can go as far as his mental progress will take him, having elite physical skills.

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