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Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins



Michigan State

Strength: Kirk Cousins has an ideal QB build. Kirk Cousins displays excellent leadership skills. Kirk Cousins has the presence when rolling away from pressure to know when he has to get rid of the ball and to whom it should go, giving him time to consistently hit 3rd and 4th receiver options. Kirk Cousins shows a lot of football intelligence in knowing the plays, the defenses, and making good decisions when plays break down. Kirk Cousins has done a solid job against good college competition.
Weakness: Kirk Cousins has average NFL QB arm strength. Kirk Cousins is not particularly athletic. Kirk Cousins has a smallish natural build. Kirk Cousins doesn't make particularly good decisions when linemen miss blocks.
Development: Kirk Cousins is a classical example of a prototype build and leadership mindset for the QB position, though he lacks ideal arm strength or athleticism. The way he plays football appeals to coaches because, for whatever skills he lacks, he'll do what he's supposed to do on the football field. For the Redskins he should provide a backup that will make less mistakes than most quarterbacks. That may be all that is necessary for the time being. He projects as a guy with enough physical skills to have a very high peak, but without enough physical skills to be a sure thing. It will take a lot of work for him to develop into a starter in the NFL, but the learning curve should be shortened by his propensity to make good ball-protection decisions. He should do better than most quarterbacks drafted in the fourth round.
Fantasy Football Rating: Shouldn't play much early in career.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ball-control QB with intangibles to be a team leader early on; potential NFL starter down the road.

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