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Leonard Hankerson

Washington Redskins




Strength: Leonard Hankerson has a reputation as a guy who lays it all on the line on the football field. Leonard Hankerson put up good numbers against elite college competition. Leonard Hankerson has nearly ideal size and strength for a WR. Leonard Hankerson has good speed for a big receiver. Leonard Hankerson is strong going to the ball and has big hands. Leonard Hankerson showed great progression in every area of play during his last season of college football, showing that he can work hard and be coached.
Weakness: Leonard Hankerson does not always show crisp route running skills, often appearing to be uncertain at times when he should be making sudden breaks. Leonard Hankerson doesn't appear to to have a lot of agility or quickness when running with the ball. Leonard Hankerson has dropped many catchable balls, though at times he makes the tough catch look easy.
Development: Leonard Hankerson was clearly a second-round grade wide receiver who somehow fell into Washington's hands in the third round. As such, he brings all of the physical traits and history of success against big time college competition that you would normally expect to go early in the draft. Physically, he is as gifted as any receiver from the 2011 draft, but he has quite a few things to work on before he's ready to step in and play at the NFL level. If Devin Thomas taught Washington anything, it should have been that being the most physically gifted receiver in a draft doesn't guarantee developing into a top notch NFL WR. He is actually very similar to Rod Gardner, who also had a similar reputation as a big, fast receiver without much agility who would willingly block and go up for the ball, often winning fights for the ball while dropping easy balls. Hopefully, Leonard Hankerson will use his big hands to hold on to balls better at the NFL level than Gardner did. If Leonard Hankerson can 1) hold on to most of the passes thrown his way, and 2) add more suddenness to his route running, there is nothing to prevent him from becoming a legitimate starting receiver in the NFL. Right now he is a project in terms of his route running and ball concentration, but he could still find significant playing time for Washington as a rookie if he makes big plays and shows consistent progression early in the season. If he can establish himself as a reliable receiver early in his career, there are no limits to what he could do in three or four years.
Fantasy Football Rating: Red-zone threat.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: He has the size and speed to be a Pro Bowl wide receiver, but Leonard Hankerson needs to progress in his concentration levels and football intelligence.

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