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Jarvis Jenkins

Washington Redskins




Strength: Jarvis Jenkins has a strong, decisive first step up field against man-to-man blocking schemes. Jarvis Jenkins puts up good tackle for short-yardage numbers against the run, showing a unique ability to shed blockers and hold leverage at the line. Jarvis Jenkins is an experienced college defensive tackle. Jarvis Jenkins blocked a lot of kicks on special teams.
Weakness: Jarvis Jenkins has below average strength for a defensive tackle. Jarvis Jenkins does not appear to be as physically fit as the average NFL player. Jarvis Jenkins did not have a lot of sacks, even though he played against mediocre college competition and faced few double teams.
Development: Jarvis Jenkins didn't put up great combine numbers or college numbers, but he did consistently perform his job well. Most teams would not have drafted him before the mid-third round, but he looks like a perfect fit for what the Redskins do, though he'll need time to work on his fitness and learn the 3-4. Jarvis Jenkins potential as a defensive lineman may actually have been best displayed by the kicks he blocked on special teams. He showed just how quickly he can penetrate, disrupt, and stretch out his long arms. His defensive numbers don't show this as well, but you can kind of grasp it in his tackle for loss and QB pressure numbers. He is not much at pursuing and bringing down ball carriers, but he excels at disrupting the pocket and getting the leverage necessary to hold his position once he has made a dent in the pocket. This makes him an ideal fit for the nose tackle position. But before he can consistently attack and hold the NT point at the NFL level, he'll need to bulk up his upper body. In the mean time, look for the team to give him plenty of opportunities to play at defensive end in the 3-4, for which his natural burst and plant skills make him a good option to disrupt plays and hold position while others finish the plays. So to begin with, expect Washington to use him primarily as a special teams player, defensive end, and occasional nose tackle. Eventually, if he works hard on his conditioning and learning the position, he looks to have the natural skills to play anywhere along the line and may end up primarily at NT.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jarvis Jenkins improves team defense numbers against the run and pass.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal 3-4 run stopping and containment lineman. Team player who creates play-making opportunities for teammates.

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