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Chris Neild

Washington Redskins



West Virginia

Strength: Chris Neild has ideal NT strength. Chris Neild has plenty of major college experience as a NT. Chris Neild has a reputation as a full-effort team player, on and off the field. Chris Neild plays with a lot of football intelligence.
Weakness: Chris Neild carries less weight than the prototypical nose tackle.
Development: Many scouts look at Chris Neild as a project player with limited athleticism, but I view him more as a guy who basically is what he'll be because of those limitations. He's got a big body and adequate strength to hold the middle of the line as a NT. This is all pretty good news for the team that drafted him near the end of the draft and had very poor NT play almost the entire 2010 season. With only an unwilling NT, a NT who hasn't been medically fit for 3 years, and a career backup DL who had one good game at NT last season on the roster, Chris Neild has a small chance of making the roster if he plays in the NFL at anywhere close to the level he played in college. Chris Neild has a practice squad spot that is his to lose if he doesn't make the roster, as the team needs someone reliable on reserve. Chris Neild should be a reliable runstopper from the start, even though he'll likely never be anything more than that. To be fair, he does a good job of tying up defensive linemen on pass plays so that others can get pressure on the QB. Chris Neild may progress over time, but he can make a positive impact on the team whenever it needs him.
Fantasy Football Rating: No statistical impact of his own, but modest boost to the playmaking of inside linebackers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready to go with ideal size, strength, and heart to stop the run, but with athletically limited upside.

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